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Find Your FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage Loan Specialist

REbuildUSA is a company with a conscience. They are giving people an opportunity to be a part of the American dream: home ownership. Their program adds value to neighborhoods, helps more homes sell and provides Realtors with a valuable service to offer their clients — EXIT Realty is proud to be working together with REbuildUSA.

Tami Bonell
President U.S. Organization
EXIT Realty International

REbuildUSA is a concept whose time has come and will have a positive impact on the real estate industry and homeownership in America.

Alex Perriello
President & CEO
Realogy Franchise Group

REbuildUSA is nothing less than the future of real estate. If you’re serious about success in this business, you’ve got to get involved in this ground-breaking program.

Ed Krafchow
Owner Better Homes and Gardens
Mason-McDuffie Real Estate
Your FHA 203k Renovation Loan Handbook


Real Estate's Best Kept Secret hand book about the FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage Loan Program

The Must-Have FHA 203k Renovation Loan Handbook
for Home Buyers and Home Owners ... Now on Amazon.com!

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The FHA 203k is a U.S Government-guaranteed mortgage that provides the funds for purchase or refinance along with renovation funds in a single loan! Think about the many possibilities to take advantage of this today. Is it possible the timing could be right for you to use the power of this little known government loan program to make one of the best financial moves of your life?

Yes, it's absolutely possible! And for the most part, it's entirely up to you if you'd like to make this happen! Are you excited about that? I hope so. We're excited about helping you understand everything you need to know to make the most of this opportunity for yourself and your family.

All across America there are families and individuals right now bringing their dream of home ownership to life leveraging the power of this great program. At the same time, there are many more who have no idea this opportunity exists. That's why we describe it as “Real Estate's Best Kept Secret.”

I'm sure you'll agree that acting on this secret can truly change your life, both today and long into the future. Think about the impact this can have on your quality of life for many years. Think about how this might change your financial future. And think about the difference this might make for your children, and their children some day.

Real Estate’s Best Kept Secret was written specifically to help you understand the power of this amazing program and the opportunities it presents. You'll keep this renovation loan handbook at your side to guide you successfully through the process, preparing you for each of the important steps and helping you avoid potential pitfalls. You’ll better understand how to locate the right home, negotiate the purchase, evaluate renovation costs and make better decisions regarding the overall home value as well. You’ll learn how to work most successfully with your lender, realtor and renovation contractors along the road to 203k success.

This is an exciting book to share with anyone with a Dream of Homeownership. Dennis and Teresa Walsh’s passion and willingness to help others resonates throughout the book.

John S. Adams
National Renovation Manager
Prospect Mortgage

Dennis and Teresa Walsh have once again found that special niche opportunity that can change the way real estate is done. The 203k program is a hidden gem and they lay it out in plain and simple language so you can learn and leverage this powerful tool to get the job done!

Steve Ozonian
Chief Real Estate Officer
Carrington Holdings Corporation

The U.S. housing market is plagued by an aged housing inventory. That is compounded with a lack of equity and the need for renovation and updates to be marketable. The 203K program provides real hope for those that want to improve or sell an older home. This program is critical to the revitalization of the national housing market.

Kenneth Jenny
former CEO of RealEstate.com, COO of Coldwell Banker Residential Affiliates and CMO of Prudential Real Estate

Dennis and Teresa Walsh recognized that the FHA 203K was a program that could help many people purchase and improve the homes of their dreams. In this “Must Read” book, they provide step-by-step directions for making the most of the Best Kept Secret in Real Estate.

David Horowitz
International Real Estate Consultant
former SRVP Education NRT, LLC

Real Estate's Best Kept Secret - Table of Contents

Introduction - Birth of a Dream

Chapter 1 - Opportunity of a Lifetime

Chapter 2 - What is the FHA?

Chapter 3 - What Makes the FHA 203k Special?

Chapter 4 - Why a Best Kept Secret?

Chapter 5 - General 203k Guidelines

Chapter 6 - Eligible 203k Buyers

Chapter 7 - Comparing the Standard and Streamline 203k

Chapter 8 - 203k Eligible, Ineligible & Required Repairs

Chapter 9 - An Intimidating Process

Chapter 10 - The 203k Transaction – Getting Started

Chapter 11 - The 203k Transaction – Finding Your Home

Chapter 12 - The 203k Transaction – Offer & Inspection

Chapter 13 - The 203k Transaction – Bids & Appraisal

Chapter 14 - The 203k Transaction – Closing & Renovation

Chapter 15 - HUD 203k Consultants

Chapter 16 – The FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage

Chapter 17 – A Look at the Numbers

Chapter 18 – Planning and Design Advice

Chapter 19 – Your Renovation Survival Guide

Chapter 20 – Surviving the Contractors

Chapter 21 – Surviving the Construction Zone

Chapter 22 – Rebuilding America One Dream at a Time

FHA 203k Renovation Loan Glossary

Construction Terms Glossary